Non surgical V-shape Face treatment work to define the chin and jawline area of the face and is a treatment that should be carried out by experienced doctors. The results create a slim, oval face that narrows down to a sharp chin with a defined jawline. GLOJAS V-shape treatment promotes youth and makes the face more defined, hence takes years off your appearance.

Topic 1: The Benefits of V-shape Face Treatment

The benefits of GLOJAS V-Shaped Face is as below: 

  • Improve the definition of the chin and jaw line.
  • To make the face shape oval, slim and sharper
  • Lengthen the chin to make the proportions of the face more balanced.
  • Reshape the chin to be more feminine.
  • Correct asymmetry of chin.
  • With slimmer jawline, the cheeks become highlighted, adding definition and contour to the face.

Topic 2: What are the Treatments Involves for V-shape Face Treatment?

We will help you to achieve this V-shaped face, non-surgically using Botox, dermal fillers injections, thread lift or our SMART Ultra face slimming device. 


This treatment is ideal for someone who has a squarish face shape or squarish jawline. We Botox to relax the masseter muscle (chewing muscle), so that it will shrink over time to define the lower half of the face, resulting in a V-shape appearance.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers is specifically developed to restore lost facial volume and also to define and contour the face features like chin and cheekbones. Our GLOJAS doctor will inject the appropriate volume to shape and define the chin depending on the facial proportion and patient’s aesthetic wishes.

Mid Face Threadlift Procedure 

A non surgical facelift threading or what is also known as threadlift can lift sunken areas, define the cheeks and jaw and slim the face. The results are able to be seen immediately after the treatment and the full results are seen 3 to 4 months later. The threads also promote collagen our skin’s natural structural protein.

SMART Ultra Face Slimming

This treatment helps to rejuvenate the skin of the face and promotes collagen growth, which will soften and smoothen wrinkles. Our device uses ultrasound technology and Radio Frequency (RF) that transmit energy to the deep tissue. The recovery after the treatment is brief and painless.

Topic 3: Ideal Candidates for Non-surgical V-line Face

  • People who are not opting for surgical approach
  • People who have short recovery time but wish to improve their beauty
  • People who want procedures that do not seem obvious
  • People whose health status doesn’t allow them to undergo severe surgery
  • People who do not want dramatic or permanent changes to their face and just want to experiment with a new look before committing to it.

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