Topic 1 : Why Scalp Micro-pigmentation As a Hair Loss Solution?

Hair loss can be very devastating given how much pride we attach to our highly visible hair. Whether the hair loss is due to some form of alopecia, scarring, or other medical condition, there is often a loss in confidence that occurs. Many will end up covering their in hopes of hiding their condition. 


Scalp micro-pigmentation (SMP) is an innovative and long-lasting solution to the problem of hair loss in both men and women. It provides an effective means of replicating the look of hair follicles, allowing a person to appear like they just had a close buzz cut on a full head of hair.


With minimal discomfort, much fewer side effects than a traditional hair transplant, and a treatment session taking up to just a few hours, there are so many reasons that both men and women are opting for SMP as a solution for hair loss.


Topic 2 : Benefits of Scalp Micro-pigmentation

  • Noninvasive - For a long time, the most viable solution to severe hair loss has been the use of hair transplant procedures. These are often less cost-effective and invasive, and the results of hair transplant procedures can take up to 1 year. The chances of achieving desired results can be enhanced with SMP.
  • Affordable – when compared to transplants and the cost of quality wigs/toupees/extensions, SMP makes for a great deal. The results are long-lasting and there is minimal maintenance required.
  • High success rate – the organic pigments used are typically well tolerated by people, offering an excellent success rate for those that try it. Whether for medical or cosmetic reasons, you should achieve desirable results quickly.
  • Safe – SMP relies on organic pigments and no use of any medications that clients would react to. It is a procedure with no side effects, especially when undertaken in a clean and professionally set up environment.
  • Disguises Transplant and Scalp Scarring - transplant scars often look like strips of naked skin have been torn away at the back. SMP restores uniformity to the hair follicles, so no one can tell the difference.



Topic 3: Commonly Asked Questions 

Q : What is the difference between Scalp micropigmentation and regular tattoo?

A : Scalp mircopigmentation requires a highly experienced practitioner, a specialised machine, scalp pigments to create a premium indetectable fashionable result. The technique used with SMP is all about using fine detail to obtain the desired natural look. Our premium results come from our attention to detail and years of experience.


Q: Is scalp micropigmentation permanent?

A : The procedure is semi-permanent lasting 7-10 years fading gradually. The extent of fading depends on the individuals’ and over time SMP still looks great. It is good to come back for a 1 treatment top-up after 4-5 years. 


Q : How long does the treatment take?

A : The number of sessions is between 2 sessions for a maximum coverage. The duration of each session depends on the size of the coverage area (relatively between 3 to 6 hours)


Q : Does Scalp Micropigmentation look natural? 

A : With our years of experience and skill you can rest assured your scalp micropigmentation result will exceed all your expectations. 


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