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Some men may desire much better size for their manhood and this can be achieved through a procedure in increasing girth and length via a fat transfer combined with Platelet Rich Plasma Injections. Fat Transfer are from the individual intending for a larger penis hence compatibility and wouldn’t face any form of rejection or complications. Platelet Rich Plasma is extracted from the individual’s own blood and processed for quality plasma to be injected at the Penile region. This procedure is 100% safe and scientifically proven in achieving a larger penis. This procedure is suitable for all men from the age of 20 until 75.

Topic 1: Advantages of Penile Girth Enhancement through Fat Transfer 

  • Will increase width and length of your penis
  • Long-term boosted self-esteem
  • More masculine look and feel
  • Increased attractivity
  • Enhanced sexual potency

Topic 2: The Procedure.

A mini liposuction or manual fat harvesting will be performed, typically on the stomach or thighs depending on the amount of fats required. Once enough fat is collected the fat will be purified, removing cell debris, blood, and infiltration fluid. 

A small incision will be made and the purified fats will then be distributed around the shaft of the penis. Once complete, the fat may be manually manipulated to ensure even dispersal of the fat.

The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia, so patient can go home right after the procedure is done.

Topic 3: The Recovery.

Following your penile girth enhancement procedure, you will experience swelling, bruising, altered or lack of sensation, and tenderness. These side effects are temporary and typically resolve on their own after few days or weeks. 

Topic 4: Why choose us?

Most importantly, because you should ONLY do surgery with an expert surgeon who is certified by the National Specialist Register (NSR). At GLOJAS, our surgeon is an expert and committed to deliver the best result to our patients in order for them to enhance their beauty and gain confidence.

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