High tech laser machines used are specifically designed to remove warts, moles and skin tags whereby no scars are left behind and the issues are permanently resolved. In some cases, sometimes, the issue may return as previous cells may have been left behind, this would require another round of treatment. For warts that exist at the region of sexual organs, it could be indicating an STD and one should be tested. However, it may not be the case of moles and skin tags. Good news is that every wart, mole and skin tag can be successfully removed through laser technology.

Topic 1: Why Laser Method is The Best Approach?

  • This procedure gives patients the option to safely remove unwanted growths and help them achieve flawless, beautiful skin.
  • Procedure is minimal invasive approach. Hence, no incisions and no surgery required.
  • Lasers can target the area with ease and precision.
  • Highly effective and the surrounding tissues will be intact.
  • Minimal to almost no downtime during healing process.
  • Leaves no permanent scar.

Topic 2: What is The Procedure Process?

At GLOJAS, we offer consultation with an experienced aesthetic doctor and you will be assessed. The procedure usually takes around 20 – 60 minutes depending on the numbers of growth to be removed. 

An anaesthetic may be applied before removal but is not always necessary, as there is minimal discomfort during the procedure. The healthy skin around growth will not be damaged.

We will also clean and apply antibiotic cream before leaving GLOJAS clinic. 

Topic 3: The Recovery.

Recovery from laser removal is a quick and straightforward process. The treated area will be irritated for the first few days with visible symptoms of redness and mild swelling. 

The treatment site will initially appear with discoloration that will gradually lighten up. During this period, it is highly advised to apply sunscreen on exposed treated skin.

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