Most men and women have unwanted body and facial hair. Excess body hair causes self-consciousness and it is quite distressing, annoying and is time consuming to remove that unwanted hair daily. The amount of hair usually depends on the person’s ethnic background and culture for both man and woman.

Removal of unwanted body hair can be accomplished by various methods, including over-the-counter treatments and treatments performed by doctors. Here at GLOJAS, we are confident with the result of GentleYAG permanent reduction laser hair removal device and it is belief to be one of the longest-lasting methods. 


Topic 1: Candela GentleYAG Laser 

The GentleYAG system can uniquely remove unwanted body hair on all skin types and colours without damaging the pores and structures of the skin. The GentleYAG System, with its variable pulse high-energy (ND:YAG 1064 laser), emits a beam of light that passes through the skin to the hair follicle where it is absorbed. The laser energy is transformed into heat, which destroys the hair follicle leaving the surrounding skin unaffected with major side effects.



Topic 2: Benefits of GentleYAG Laser Hair Removal 

  • Removes up to 90%-95% of unwanted hair (over a few sessions)
  • Safe and excellent for darker skin types
  • Can be used in most parts of the body and face 
  • Little to no downtime
  • Only treats black pigmented hair
  • Does not cause pigmentations on skin like shaving or waxing


Topic 3: Laser Hair Removal After Care 

  1. Use a sunblock (SPF 50+) at all times throughout the course of treatment.
  2. Avoid any intense exercise on the day of treatment.
  3. We advise patients choose to use a soothing topical moisturizer, such as aloe vera.
  4. Patients should avoid sun exposure to reduce the risk of hyperpigmentation (darker pigmentation) once week prior and one week after each session.


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