An FUE Hair Transplant Technique is the latest breakthrough in hair transplant surgery. It is minimally invasive and does not entail a full-blown operation. The downtime and healing process is much quicker and the success rate of graft survival is up to 98%. This procedure involves the extraction of healthy grafts from the donor area which is usually located behind the head, the grafts are then processed and implanted into the region of hair loss or balding. This procedure can take up to a full day and may involve anything between 1,000 grafts to 4,000 Grafts.

What Causes Hair Loss in Men and Women?

Shedding about 50 to 100 hairs a day is considered normal, but new growth will typically replace these hairs.


Men normally lose their hair when three main factors interact: genetics, age, and hormones. Also known as androgenetic alopecia, male-pattern baldness happens as DHT hormone levels change over the course of a man’s life. Genetic factors also affect the likelihood of male-pattern baldness. These factors contribute to the gradual shrinkage of the hair follicles and it grows progressively shorter and finer until no new hairs grow.


In women, the first signs of female pattern baldness may be a widening part or a feeling that the hair does not feel as thick as usual. Although the scalp may be visible, the hairline usually does not recede unless due to Traction Alopecia. Factors causing hair loss in women is due to genetics, underlying health conditions like anaemia, thyroid and imbalanced hormones. Other factors include lifestyle, heat and chemical damage to the scalp and hair and many more contributing factors. 



Hair Transplant (SMART FUE)

Here, we offer the SMART™ FUE technique which is solely available in Glojas. This method is suitable for both men and women. 


SMART™ FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique harvests individual strands of hair from donor areas and is planted into bald or thinning areas. The SMART™ FUE by Dato’ Dr JasG is the most advanced hair transplantation method in Malaysia as it is offers maximum density without causing any linear scars or marks in the donor area. SMART™ FUE hair restoration method, being a significantly demanding technique, requires extensive experience, highly skilled and specialization to provide the best hair transplant results. 


Advantages of SMART™ FUE Hair Transplant

  • Is minimally invasive, it is performed under local anaesthesia, has minimum downtime and allows quick recovery.
  • Leads to minimal or even no bleeding.
  • Does not leave any permanent linear scars in the donor area.
  • Requires no sutures thus the chances of infections are minimized.
  • Enables uniform use of the donor area.
  • Allows the accurate calculation of the extracted hair follicles and the reuse of the donor area for a future operation, if necessary.
  • Allows hair extraction from body areas such as chest, back or beard without leaving any linear scars.


The Stages of SMART™ FUE at Glojas                  

  1. Consultation: This is the stage where the doctor develops the patient’s operation plan and creates the hairline/hair transplant design.
  2. Preparation: This stage incorporates the processes of preparing the donor area (back of head), sterilizing the operation site and the application of local anaesthesia.
  3. Harvesting: The process of harvesting will be conducted by the doctor using the latest combined tools and equipment to ensure high survival rate of grafts.
  4. Extraction: The process of carefully extracting hair grafts from the donor area of the patient.
  5. Recipient Site Creation: This is the process of creating recipient sites by following the direction of the existing terminal hairs.
  6. Transplantation: This is the process of placing the grafts in recipient sites at right angles to hair direction to ensure a natural growth.
  7. Postoperative Processes: This stage incorporates the processes of wound-dressing for the transplanted site and SMART™ PRP Therapy to speed up the healing process of the donor and recipient sites.
  8. Postoperative Care & Hair Wash: This is the washing process that is to be carried out for 14 days. Both the donor and the transplanted area will be sensitive during this period, so it important to carry out the washing process with extra care as instructed.


Recovery of SMART™ FUE. 

Relatively, the SMART™ FUE procedure is a minimal invasive procedure that has a fast recovery rate with minimal pain from the donor and recipient area. 


The donor site will start to grow after a few days. A for the recipient site, there will be formation of scabs which will be removed within the first week’s hair wash protocol. 


However, good hygiene and avoiding physical activities like going to the gym should help to fasten the recovery and to avoid infections on scalp. 



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