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Having dimples can be seen as icing on top of the cake. It makes you look more adorable and aesthetically pleasing. Regardless whether you were born with it or not, we can help you achieve most natural dimples through a very minor surgery. You can choose to have it on one cheek or both. This procedure appeals to both men and women.

We offer dimple surgery; a minimally invasive procedure and patients can enjoy the results of their dimple surgery without the long recovery or wait times of major procedures. 



Topic 1: Who are the Candidates for Dimple Creation Procedure?

  1. All skin types. 
  2. One who wants to contour round faces or want to create a more youthful smile.
  3. No major health issues. 
  4. No infections on the cheeks. 
  5. Realistic expectations. 


Topic 2: The Procedure. 




Dimple creation procedure takes less than a half an hour to complete and it can be performed using only local anaesthesia. Our surgeon will also help you to decide on where your dimple will be placed. 


During the dimple creation procedure, your surgeon will make a small incision on the inside of the mouth. Our surgeon will then manipulate a muscle inside the cheek and attach a suture directly underneath the skin where you want your dimples to appear. After that, you’ll be able to go home.


Topic 3: The Recovery.

  • Patients will experience some mild swelling and bruising around the incisions,
  • Use mouthwash to keep the dimple incision as clean as possible.
  • Patients will be able to eat and drink what you want after dimple surgery.


Topic 4: Why choose us?

Most importantly, because you should ONLY do surgery with an expert surgeon who is certified by the National Specialist Register (NSR). At GLOJAS, our surgeon is an expert and committed to deliver the best result to our patients in order for them to enhance their beauty and gain confidence.

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