Closing Gaps between Teeth

This is tailored for the individual and uses medical grade dental fillers that last for years. It is fully administered by a qualified and experienced dentist. The dynamics may differ from patient to patient and would require the dentist expertise in resolving the issue.

How do dentists’ close gaps between teeth?

Gaps between teeth can be corrected with restorative treatments such as composite bonding and crowns. Larger spaces with missing teeth can be restored with dental implants or bridgework. Yes, veneers are an option.

First Class State of The Art Dental Procedures

Here we assure you that all our equipment are latest in the world of dentistry for the year 2020 and we provide you only the best and experienced dentist and dental care. Be assured that all our dental issues can be resolved and managed by us. The many options used in our dental procedures are;

  • Lowest Radiation X-Ray System
  • Laser Cavity Detection
  • Drill Free Cavity Cleaning
  • Laser Gum Disease Treatment
  • Plasma Arc Curing Light
  • Root Canal Apex Locator
  • Endodontic Activator
  • High Speed Electric Handpiece
  • VELscope Oral Cancer Detection Device

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